Yankee Bet

Yankee Bet

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A Yankee bet is 11 bets on 4 selections, consisting of:

  • 6 doubles;
  • 4 trebles;
  • 1 four-fold multiple.

Since the bet is made up of 11 different bets, $100 win-only Yankee bet would costs $1,100.

The amount you win from a Yankee depends on how many of these 11 selections win.

As there are no singles in a Yankee, at least two of the selections must win in order to get a return on your investment.

Let’s run through an example.

Here are some moneyline odds for some MLB matches:

Example of yankee betting odds

Our Yankee bet will look something like this:

How a yankee bet looks

People like to use the Yankee bet because, unlike standard accumulators/multiples, you don’t need all the selections to win in order to get a return on your investment.

The bigger your stake, the larger your potential payout.

However, the Yankee bet does require you to invest 11 units each time you use it. If you use a bankroll management plan (as you should with all your sports betting strategies) this will take a huge chunk out of it.

How To Calculate Yankee Bet Payouts

The payouts are calculated based on how many of the four selections win. 

So, based on $100 bets and using the odds from the above example, our potential payouts are as follows:

  • Reds -115 and Nationals +125: $420.75
  • Reds -115 and White Sox +165: $495.55
  • Reds -115 and Rays +120: $411.40
  • Nationals +125 and White Sox +165: $596.25
  • Nationals +125 and Rays +120: $495
  • White Sox +165 and Rays +120: $583
  • Reds -115, Nationals +125 and White Sox +165: $1,114.99
  • Reds -115, Nationals +125 and Rays +120: $925.65
  • Reds -115, White Sox +165 and Rays +120: $1,090.21
  • Nationals +125, White Sox +165 and Rays +120: $1,311.75
  • Reds -115, Nationals +125, White Sox +165 and Rays +120: $2,452.97

If all selections win, the total payout would be $9,897.52. 

You can calculate each payout using our bet calculator.

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Each Way Yankee

Each way Yankee bets consist of 22 bets.

They include the 11 bets as above as well as 11 on each way.

Lucky 15 Bets

The Lucky 15 is similar to the Yankee bet but instead of 11 selections, they have 15.

The extra 4 selections in the Lucky 15 are singles.

Do We Use Yankee Bets?

Similarly to a trixie bet, we tend to not use the Yankee bet as part of our sports betting strategies.

Our edge comes from betting singles as it’s much easier to control.

While the Yankee can be fun to bet, it should be avoided when trying to make serious money from sports betting.


The Yankee bet consists of six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold multiple.

Ensure that you are confident in your selections so you have a better return on your money without having all selections win.

If you have any questions about this article, be sure to let us know on Twitter.

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