What Is A Trixie Bet?

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A trixie bet is four wagers on three selections, each on a separate event. It consists of:

  • 3 doubles;
  • 1 treble.

At least two selections must win to have a successful return.

Trixie betting is popular in horse racing but can also be made across other sports.

Let’s run through an NBA moneyline trixie example.

Here are three matches we are going to include in the trixie bet. 

Example of a trixie selection

Our Trixie would look something like this:

Example of a trixie

The diagram above shows a win-only Trixie; bets one, two and three consists of the doubles, and the fourth bet is the treble.

Since we are placing four bets on three different selections, a $100 win-only Trixie bet would cost $400.

How To Calculate Trixie Bet Payouts

The payouts are calculated based on how many of the four selections win. 

So, based on $100 bets and using the odds from the above example, our potential payouts are as follows:

  • OKC -180 and Wizards +690: $1,229.24
  • OKC -180 and Lakers +120: $342.32
  • Wizards +690 and Lakers +120: $1,738
  • OKC -180, Wizards +690 and Lakers +120: $2,704.33

If all selections win, the total payout would be $6,103.89. 

You can calculate each payout using our bet calculator.

Why Use A Trixie Bet?

Trixie bets are better used as an alternative to accumulators/multiples. 

In a multiple, every selection must win in order for the bet to win. On the other hand, in a trixie, you can still get a return even if one selection doesn’t come in. 

This mean it’s more likely for your bet to win.

However, it does require you to risk higher stakes, since you are placing a bet on each result.

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Show your audience how a trixie bet works.

Share This Article

Show your audience how a trixie bet works.

Each Way Trixie

It’s also possible to make bet each way with a trixie.

The difference is that instead of four bets, it’s eight bets: four on each winner, just like the first example, and another four each way.

Patent Bets

Patent bets are similar to trixie bets. They also feature three selections but instead of four bets, patent bets have seven.

They include all of the four bets as the trixie but features an additional three single bets on each of the selections.

This then means the stake required increases but the potential payoffs are a lot higher.

Do We Use Trixie Bets?

Not really. This is because the winning probability of multiple bets is a lot lower than winning a single.

Our edge comes from betting singles as it’s much easier to control.

While trixies are fun to bet, they should be avoided when trying to make serious money from sports betting.


Trixie bets consist of three doubles and a triple. They are more likely to win compared to multiples.

Ensure that you are confident in your selections so you have a better return on your money without having all selections win.

If you have any questions about this article, be sure to let us know on Twitter.

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