Sports Investing Strategies – How To Earn 200% ROI A Year

Sports Investing Strategies – How To Earn 200% ROI A Year

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Is sports betting investing or gambling? We have heard this all before.

To put it bluntly, if you look at it as gambling, you will never be able to use it as a platform to generate long-term wealth.

Successful sports betting should be treated as an investment strategy. For much of this article, you won’t hear us refer to it as ‘sports betting’ or ‘sports gambling’.

We see it as a way to create an edge over the bookmakers, getting value from the investments (they’re not bets) and enjoying the wealth generated from 200% ROI a year.

Yes, that’s right – 200% ROI a year!

This guide is going to explain how we have done exactly this and show you the basic principles of sports investing so that you can do the same.

Real Sports Investing

Put it this way: if you had the opportunity to make $1m in the next 5 years, would you take it? Well, that’s precisely what our 200% ROI can do to your net worth.

Through proper bankroll management, we can turn a starting balance of $10,000 into over $1m in 60 months.

But to most people, this investment strategy takes ‘too long’ because of the need for instant gratification. If it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, they don’t seem interested.

If you have had experience trading with stocks and shares or with forex etc, some of these principles may seem familiar to you. It is only now that someone has thought about transferring this knowledge into the sports investing industry.

Sports Investing Bankroll

We base our strategy on a starting bankroll of $10,000. If you haven’t got access to funds of this size, you can still make 200% ROI a year but it’ll take longer to get to $1m.

If that means, for the time being, you must work longer hours at your job then so be it. For those of you that are serious about making smart sports investments, make this your priority.

We also operate by investing 1 unit per investment, where 1 unit equates to 1% of your bankroll. So, for a bankroll of $10,000, 1 unit = $100.

This is just to start. As the bankroll increases each month, these unit sizes will increase to a point where eventually, you’ll be investing $10,000 per event.

Sensible bankroll management will keep your balance growing at a controllable rate while minimizing the impact of any losses.

Sports Investing Step 1 – Selecting Your Investment

This is the most crucial part of the entire process. You will need to be disciplined and stick to becoming an expert in a maximum of 2 particular sports/markets etc.

This could be that you only invest on over/under markets, sticking to a certain team or a mixture of the two to create a specific niche. The point is that once you’ve selected your investment vehicle, you stick with it.

The reason for this is because a sporting season only lasts for x number of months at a time. Using the NHL as an example, the season starts in October and the last game of the playoffs is in June.

This creates a 4-month layoff where, if you stuck to one sport, you won’t make any additional money, so it helps to become an expert in a sport that is active over the first’s off-season.

Once you have selected your investments, it’s time to go digging for information. You need to go behind the scenes to create the edge against the bookies.

Sports Investing Step 2 – Growth

It’s important that you keep all your winnings in your sports investing pot. Even when you start making good money, don’t take anything out during the first year.

All profits will be invested in making more investments. This is what gets the bankroll growing and enables you to increase unit sizes.

This is also a reason why you should not be borrowing money to fund the investments – it’s unlikely the banks will be willing to wait this long before you start paying them back.

So, with this in mind, to have a 200% ROI in the first year requires making the following amount per month.

 Month  Investment Fund ($)
 0  10,000
 1  11,000
 2  12,100
 3  13,310
 4  14,641
 5  16,105
 6  17,716
 7  19,487
 8  21,436
 9  23,579
 10  25,937
 11  28,531
 12  31,384

This only requires making 10% ROI a month but by the end of the year, you will have more than tripled your starting bankroll!

Step 2 is the growth phase, but it is also during this time that you are doing work behind the scenes. You continue doing the research and finding the information to make the right investments.

Sports Investing Step 3 – Big Profits

Your patience will have paid off at this point; if you started investing with $10,000 you have over $30k in your bankroll. This is more than some people make a year from their jobs, grinding 9-5 every day.

By now you will have seen how many investments you need to make per month to get a 5% monthly ROI.

The beauty of this strategy is that the only scaling you need to ‘worry’ about is increasing your unit sizes each month, so it stays at 1% of your bankroll.

Maintaining 200% ROI a year will keep you on track to hit $1m within 5 years, without ever going over using 1% of your bankroll per investment.

Here is what it looks like to make 200% ROI in the second year of sports investing:

 Month  Investment Fund ($)
 13  34,523
 14  37,975
 15  41,772
 16  45,950
 17  50,545
 18  55,599
 19  61,159
 20  67,275
 21  74,003
 22  81,403
 23  89,543
 24  98,497

In 2 years, you will have almost 10Xd your starting bankroll from our strategy. You will have made a very large sum of money from smart sports investments.

It’s after this point that you can think about taking some of your money out and enjoying. You will be rewarded for your patience while keeping the bankroll healthy.

2 years ago, would you have thought you could be in a position that you can make $1,000 investments? Probably not, but we have proven it can be done.

But you’re not there yet; after all, we are only 2 years in, meaning there is still plenty of money to be made from sports investing.

And with that comes the need to keep researching, create theories and back-testing them. The learning process never stops.

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Sports Investing Step 4 – Making A Living

Once you reach step 4, you’ll probably be thinking why you want to continue working at your job while you see your investment fund grow and grow.

And you’d be right. Why are you still working? You’re likely making a lot more money from investing than you are from your job.

After 2 years of disciplined bankroll management, you’ll have proven that you are capable of handling large amounts of money.

Start withdrawing a manageable amount a month to start with, say around $2,000. This will cover all your monthly expenses, with extra to enjoy. All the while, your bankroll continues to grow and grow because you are still investing 1% of your bankroll per investment.

Here is what a 200% ROI a year investment looks like after 3 years while withdrawing $2,000 a month to live off:

 25  106,347  2,000
 26  114,982  2,000
 27  124,480  2,000
 28  134,928  2,000
 29  146,421  2,000
 30  159,063  2,000
 31  172,969  2,000
 32  188,266  2,000
 33  205,092  2,000
 34  223,602  2,000
 35  243,962  2,000
 36  266,358  2,000

You’d be at over $250,000 in profits – and that’s by taking out $2k! You could even withdraw less than that just to keep yourself disciplined and not over-spend.

As what we’ve been stressing throughout this post, you’ll achieve this milestone through good bankroll management, increasing your unit sizes appropriately but keeping them at 1%.

Sports Investing Step 5 – Big Money

After reaching the fourth year of trading using our system, you’ll be an expert in sports investing. It’s at this point that you can really start reaping the rewards.

Step 5 will see you start using unit sizes of around $2,000. Again, think back to a few years ago when you could only afford to invest $100 per event. Now, you’re using 20% of your starting bankroll for EVERY trade.

Stick to the same strategies that we have taught you and you’ll have no problem using these larger sums.

While you’re here, why not enjoy the benefits and start withdrawing more a month?

Bear in mind, remember to treat this whole process as a business, so we suggest withdrawing $3,000 a month. Putting this into perspective, this is the same as having a $36,000 a year job, but with a business making a hell of a lot more.

Here is what 200% ROI a year looks like at step 5:

 37  289,994  3,000
 38  315,993  3,000
 39  344,593  3,000
 40  376,052  3,000
 41  410,657  3,000
 42  448,723  3,000
 43  490,595  3,000
 44  536,655  3,000
 45  587,320  3,000
 46  643,052  3,000
 47  704,357  3,000
 48  771,793  3,000

Almost a millionaire now and you’re already considered ‘rich’ by most people.

At this point in your sports investing career, you have the freedom that 99% of the population want but will never take action to achieve.

You’re in that 1% and look where you’ve got compared to those around you.

Sports Investing Step 6 – The Rest Of Your Life

This is it. When you reach step 6, you’ll become a millionaire. In fact, you’ll become a multimillionaire. That’s right, by the end of step 6, your sports investment fund will reach not $1m but $2m.

You already know what we’re going to say about bankroll management, unit sizes etc; you’ll be so used to it, it’ll be second nature.

Hence, in step 6, it’s time to withdraw $10,000 a month out of the investment fund.

Here is what 200% ROI a year with the Ghost Betting Tips system looks like after the fifth year.

 49  838,972  10,000
 50  912,869  10,000
 51  994,156  10,000
 52  1,083,572  10,000
 53  1,181,929  10,000
 54  1,290,122  10,000
 55  1,409,134  10,000
 56  1,540,048  10,000
 57  1,684,052  10,000
 58  1,842,458  10,000
 59  2,016,703  10,000
 60  2,208,374  10,000


5 years ago, you had a starting bankroll of $10,000, using $100 per investment.

Now, your bankroll is over $2m, using $20,000 per investment.

Quite the change in circumstances.

But why stop here? You’ve got the money, drive, discipline and consistency to keep this going for the rest of your life and create real wealth.

Just so you can see, here is what happens in year 6:

 61  2,379,211  50,000
 62  2,567,132  50,000
 63  2,773,846  50,000
 64  3,001,230  50,000
 65  3,251,353  50,000
 66  3,526,488  50,000
 67  3,829,137  50,000
 68  4,162,051  50,000
 69  4,528,256  50,000
 70  4,931,082  50,000
 71  5,374,190  50,000
 72  5,861,609  50,000

You can make an extra $3m while extracting $600,000 for your own personal use. However, we recommend that you never withdraw more than $50,000 a month.

Just do not stop investing!

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