Soccer Betting Picks

Soccer Betting Picks

Soccer is the leading sport in the world. It’s one that I’ve watched since I was a kid and one that I still enjoy – Although it’s not in my top 3…

Nevertheless, with some of the largest markets worldwide it is a must for every professional sports bettor. A year-round way to make a profit. Surprisingly easier than we expected too.

Soccer is a great way to make some additional money through smart sports betting. It’s easy because there are so many markets and opportunities.

Unlike hockey or rugby especially, soccer has thousands of markets, leagues and matches you can bet on individually. Dozens of leagues all with very high limits even second and third leagues of these countries have dozens of markets you can bet on.

Become A Specific Expert

All this means is you can become the expert in a very specific league, niche or type of betting. This is something we highly recommend to anyone looking to become a professional sports bettor or looking to start handicapping their own plays. Don’t start by trying to do “soccer tips” as it’s such a broad market, instead become the best in your very specific field – Even as specific as one league and one market.

For example, if you only researched soccer corner theories in the Brazilian leagues. Don’t you think you could build some theories that would end up being profitable for you in the long run?

The answer should be yes.

If you can, of course, put the effort in upfront. This is something most people are too lazy to do. It’s something we help people do actually, but that’s a story for another day.

Instead of trying to bet on the biggest markets in the biggest leagues, you should instead research and analyse events and players in smaller leagues, lower level players.

Building Long-Term Football Betting Theories

What we do at Ghost Betting is build soccer theories that have longevity.

Soccer is nowhere near our most profitable sport, but, unlike other tipsters or handicappers, we’ve built theories that profit year on year and don’t suffer from massive fluctuations and the key… They profit each and every quarter. Time and time again like clockwork. This is the most important element to a long-term viable betting strategy. We can increase our unit sizing each and every year because we trust that our theories will continue to be extremely profitable.

As a result, I’ve been able to scale our theories and we are branching into more theories and leagues by the day. 2019 is going to be our in-depth look into soccer, the truth simply is we prefer researching other sports in the short run and we don’t have the time or team size to build out a backtesting algorithm for everything in soccer as (mentioned above) there are simply so many leagues and markets!

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