Rugby Union Betting Tips

Rugby Union is a type of sport that doesn’t really get a lot of attention in the betting community and I’m not 100% sure why.

Unlike American football the variance in Rugby is a lot lower.

Although totals are usually very similar in the 40-60 points range, the game lasts for 80 minutes without stoppages and the teams are 15 per side.

This all means it’s actually a lot easier to build out and test theories for rugby than NFL or College Football.

As a result about a year ago we started our back testing and theory creation process.

This resulted in 2 really strong theories that consistently make us over 30 units a season from Rugby betting. It’s really that simple.

A number of our theories have a high emphasis on weather before and during the game.

Generally we’ve seen that the UNDER hits about 60% of the time when there is medium to heavy rain both before and during the event.

This is quite an obvious theory but one that people do not tend to build out and test.

We took the time to back-test this theory and it’s been a great decision.

In 2017 we are on pace to hit 50+ units in profit from rugby. That’s approximately $10,000+ in profit through 1 sport.

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