RCB Vs MI – IPL Cricket Betting Preview

Haven’t talked about the IPL much this season as haven’t had a massive amount of time with all the other playoffs going on. But Royal Challengers taking on Mumbai Indians is always a big one.

In the past Mumbai have always dominated this fixture going 4-0 over the past 2 seasons.

The teams look quite a bit different this year and something we’re looking into even more is current form, which is not going well for either team.

In all 4 games historically as well we’ve generally seen a low scoring affair, which is not something that’s commonly associated with RCB or Mumbai for that matter.

So anyway, we’re going to take the under here for 1 unit. When I say under I mean the total runs in game under. The line is very high set at 346.5 (-120). Although the top 4 of RCB worry me slightly with this bet, I think the history, current pitch conditions and team set-ups (with Mumbai having the stronger bowlers and being at HOME) will have something to do with the result of this game.

I also really like the addition of the Fiz (Rahman) into Mumbai’s team. I would also like to see Mumbai batting first in this scenario as I think it’s possible they score below 170 which makes the bet an instant winner.

Official bet: TOTAL RUNS IN GAME UNDER 346.5 (-120) – You can get these lines on Bet365.

Core reasons for bet:

  • Pitch.
  • Previous results of both teams.
  • Historic elements.
  • Sports strategy – If you have better bowlers and your opposition has historically stronger batsmen…. Play to your strengths (pitch example)
  • Mumbai (strong bowling unit) at home.

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