Overwatch Betting Guide: All You Need To Know

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Up next in our eSports betting series is Overwatch betting.

It’s one of the newest games on the circuit and has earned rave reviews with casuals and pro players.

But how do you bet on Overwatch?

Read on to find out.

Intro To Overwatch

Overwatch is a first-person shooter (FPS).

It’s similar to CSGO in this regard, but once you get into it you’ll realize it’s a completely different game.

Check out the trailer below:

There are over two dozen characters (“heroes”) to play as and a large selection of weapons.

The variety makes gameplay interesting and competitive, so it’s well suited as an eSport.

There is a wide skill gap between good and bad players.

The game’s creator, Blizzard, releases frequent updates to keep the game fresh, so there may be more maps and heroes released in the future.

Now, the overall goal of the  game is to take control and defend points on the map until the timer runs out.

Teams also attempt to deliver payloads.

History Of Overwatch


The game originally launched in 2016 and was supposed to be the lovechild between CSGO and League of Legends/Dota 2.

The gameplay earned rave reviews right off the bat, but the viewership just wasn’t there.

It seemed like it couldn’t live up to all the hype.

This all changed at BlizzCon 2016 with the launch of the Overwatch League (OWL).

It was an instant, with viewership peaking at over 400,000 during the 2018 inaugural season.

Numbers declined slightly for the next season, but this game’s success can be contributed to the OWL.

Overwatch hero

Overwatch Events

The main Overwatch event to bet on is the Overwatch League (OWL).

In fact, it should be the only event you bet on if you’re serious about making money from this eSport.

But there are also smaller events to be aware of to give you an understanding of the game.

Here’s what you need to know.



Twelve teams compete across several seasons every year in Contenders.

Winning teams have a great chance of being noticed by the Overwatch League.

The Contenders league is divided into two conferences, the Atlantic Conference and the Pacific Conferences.

Each division is divided into seven regions:

The Pacific Division consists of Australia, China, Korea, and Pacific regions.

The Atlantic Division consists of Europe, North America, and South America regions.

Overwatch Contenders logo

Each region is broken down into three divisions:

  • Open Division: a six-week tournament open to any player of any skill level.
  • Contenders Trials (or simply Trials): a one-week, twelve-team, single-elimination tournament.
  • Contenders: a twelve-team, single-elimination tournament.

Additionally, each region’s promotion and relegation into several phases:

  1. Open Division: The top eight teams advance to Trials Week 1.
  2. Trials Week 1: The top eight teams from advance to Contenders Week 1, while the bottom four move to Trials Week 2.
  3. Contenders Week 1: The top four teams move to Contenders Week 2, while the bottom eight drop into Trials Week 2.
  4. Trials Week 2: The top eight teams advance to Contenders Week 2, while the bottom four drop into Open Division.
  5. Contenders Week 2: The top four teams move to Contenders Week 3, while the bottom eight drop into Trials Week 3.
  6. Open Division: The top four teams advance to Trials Week 3.
  7. Trials Week 3: The top eight teams advance to Contenders Week 3, while the bottom four move to Trials Week 4.
  8. Contenders Week 3: The top fourteams move to Contenders Week 4, while the bottom eight drop into Trials Week 4.
  9. Trials Week 4: The top eight teams advance to Contenders Week 4.
  10. Contenders Week 4.

Here’s an example:

The top eight teams, based on points, from each region will qualify for their region’s playoffs.

The top performers in each regional playoff has the chance to qualify for international events, like the Overwatch League.

Overwatch League


The Overwatch League plays out similar to most North American professional sports leagues, in which all teams play scheduled games against other teams to vie for position in the season’s playoffs.

The league currently features twenty teams split between two conferences, which are subdivided into two divisions each.

Teams are awarded with monetary prizes for how they place at the end of the regular season, as well as for participating and placing high in the stage playoffs and post-season tournament.

Overwatch League logo

For example, the first season had a total prize pool of $3.5 million available, with the top prize of $1 million awarded to the post-season championship team.

Overwatch World Cup


The Overwatch World Cup is an annual international tournament.

Ten countries compete in the group stages and are split into two round-robin style groups.

The top country from each group will move on to the semifinals, while the second- and third-placed countries in each group will move on to the quarterfinals.

The six teams that move on from the group stages will participate in a single-elimination playoff.

The winner of the finals will be awarded a gold medal, while the loser will be awarded silver.

The two teams that lost in their respective semifinals match will play each other for the bronze medal.

Overwatch World Cup logo

Where Can You Bet On Overwatch?

The timing couldn’t have been better for Overwatch to jump into the eSports scene.

There are so many sportsbooks and eSportsbooks that offer Overwatch betting lines.

Just note that if you choose an eSportsbook, their quality and overall reputation can vary so do your research.

They’ll also have different Overwatch bets on offer.

For example, most, if not all, will have moneylines, but what about handicaps, props or in-play betting?

Of course, there are many other factors to consider (which we’ll come to in a moment) besides the bets on offer, but it’s still important if you’re planning on becoming a winning bettor.

Finding an Overwatch sportsbook

How To Bet On Overwatch

The above discussed the importance of having a variety of Overwatch betting opportunities.

Here are some others:

  • Deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Customer support options
  • Reputation
  • Website user experience

Now, once you’ve found an online sportsbook that meets all the above, you must register and create an account.

Fill in your personal information, email address, agree to the terms of service, etc – pretty standard stuff.

Your sportsbook will then send you an email to verify your account.

Once verified, it’s time to make a deposit.

The method you use depends on the book, but the safest and fastest is usually via cryptocurrency.

Important: your deposit must be in line with your bankroll management strategy.

Then, once the money’s in, you’re all set to make money from Overwatch betting.

Understanding Overwatch Odds

Overwatch betting odds work just the same as other eSports.

The three main formats are American Odds, Decimal Odds and Fractional Odds.

The odds’ format will depend on your location.

Here’s an example of Overwatch odds in the American Odds format.

Example of Overwatch American Odds

These odds mean you must wager 705 units on the Houston Outlaws to win 100 units.

On the other hand, a 100-unit bet on the Boston Uprising will profit 430 units.

Overwatch Bets

Most Overwatch bets are moneylines, but there are plenty of others available.

Let’s run through some of the most popular.


The moneyline bet is a straight-up wager on which Overwatch team will win the match.

The earlier example shows what an Overwatch moneyline looks like.


The totals bet, also known as the over/under bet, refers to the both Overwatch teams combining to either go over or under a given line.

Overwatch totals tend to focus on the number of rounds the match will go for in a best-of-five scenario.

Here’s an example.

If you take Over 3.5, the match must last at least 4 rounds to win the bet.

Taking the Under 3.5 bet means the match must end in a maximum of three rounds.

In-play Betting

In-play Overwatch betting is different from pre-match betting.

Instead of being made before the match starts, in-play bets are made while the match is live.

Sportsbooks update their odds based on the current in-game action.

For example, if an underdog takes an unlike lead, they will offer a new Overwatch betting line.

Large Overwatch events are the only way you’ll see in-play betting on eSports, but of course, this could easily change in the future.

Overwatch Prop Bets

Prop bets don’t look at the scoreline.

They’re more focused on what happens in the game.

As such, prop bets aren’t always available, but they’re usually around when the big tournaments come around.

Here are some of the main prop betting markets.

Total Kills PvP

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Sportsbooks set two players against each other and you bet on which of the two gets the most kills.

The matchups can be diverse, opening the door for some value bet opportunities.

Team V Team Totals

These are similar to the Total Kills PvP bets but they take all the players on each team into account.

Team v Team totals also take assists into account, as well as stats like the average damage dealt per round, etc.

If you analyse the matchups and can spot some weaknesses in a team’s strategy, you can certainly find some value here. 

Correct Score

Correct score props are very similar to betting match-winners, but you need to predict the exact scoreline.

This is very tough to predict, but the difficulty is then reflected in the payouts.

Correct score bets don’t look at the team names, but rather the potential score.

For example, in a best-of-five match, you’ll see bets like 3:2, 2:3, 0:3, and so on.

Overwatch correct score

Overwatch Betting FAQ

The Overwatch betting community is thriving. Viewership may not be hitting the heights of the likes of CSGO or League of Legends, it’s still big enough to attract a lot of coverage from the biggest sportsbooks in the industry. 

While the Overwatch World Cup has great betting coverage, the Overwatch League is the only event you should bet on if you’re taking Overwatch betting seriously. If you just want a bit of fun, then go ahead and bet on the smaller events. 

It’s all about research. Make sure your sportsbook takes security seriously (SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, etc). Betting safely online all centres on protecting your personal and financial information from falling into the wrong hands. Overwatch betting is no exception.

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