NHL Mid Season Update

Hey all,

So it’s pretty much the middle of the NHL season and I thought I’d do a quick recap. Currently the situation is below.


It’s not bad, I’m happy with the current situation and we’ve only had 2 “bad” days in the past 2 months or so.

One thing I am disappointed about is a few mistakes I’ve made in the first half of the season. 26.6u up is by no means something to not be happy about and most people would take a reliable +20.00 units profit for the entire season… But I’m not most people. Our NHL betting tips need to be (as close to) perfection as possible.

The issue I had was a few mistakes I’ve made with actual plays. I can count about 12 that were straight up either small mistakes (0.5u plays that should have been 1u plays or 1u plays that should have been 0.5u plays or even 0.5u plays that should have been passes.) These 12 “mistakes” have resulted in 8 losses and 4 wins. And an overall 3u loss.

That might not sound like a lot, but when you look at where we are that’s almost 10% of our profit through MISTAKES. Not variance, not tough losses, but full on mistakes. Again 10% might not sound like a lot, but if you lose 10% in a hedge fund you’d be out the door faster than you could say sorry.

That’s where I want this to get to. Zero mistakes, 20% edges and massive profit at the end of each season.

I’ve never seen a legitimate tracked +50.00 unit season by anyone in the betting community with NHL (betting only 1 unit per play.) – I’d like to be the first.

If you want to join us for the ride, follow me on Twitter and sign up to the emails below.

Cheers. T.

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