Margin Calculator

Our Margin Calculator will tell you how much your bookmaker is charging you.

Simply type in your odds for your preferred odds format and it will automatically calculate your bookmaker’s margin.

Note: IP stands for Implied Probability. This is how the odds are converted into a percentage chance of winning.

2-Way 3-Way

 OddsBookmaker IPFair IPPayout
0.00%0.00% $0.00
0.00%0.00% $0.00



About Margins

The margin is the cut bookmakers take from your bets in return for using their service. It will vary depending on the bookmaker you use.

Bookmakers make their money by increasing the implied probability of winning. In turn this, this decreases the odds you receive. This is why we have the Fair Odds – to show what the actual probability of winning is.

Sharp bettors understand that the lower the margin, the better the odds. By using our Margin Calculator, you can work it out quickly.