League Of Legends Betting Guide: All You Need To Know

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This next instalment of our eSports betting guide series focuses on League of Legends betting.

This guide explains how to bet on League of Legends and everything else you need to know.

Read on to learn more.

Intro To LoL Betting


League of Legends is a dominant force in the world of eSports.

It has developed a massive dedicated community and a highly developed calendar, meaning that the betting scene is thriving.

League of Legends betting is caught on over the last decade – pretty much ever since the eSports events hit the mainstream.

But before we get into the meat and gravy, let’s first talk about the game itself and what makes it so popular.

League of Legends Champion

What Is League Of Legends?

League of Legends, made by Riot Games, is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game.

Unlike CSGO, the gameplay is not round-based, but rather objective-based.

Instead, MOBA games have one goal: to destroy the opposition’s base.

Matches usually last for between 30 minutes and an hour, but some can end after just 20 minutes in a blowout scenario.

Check out the trailer below:

Another thing you need to know about the game is that there are A LOT of champions – 148 to be exact.

Each champion has a unique ability that sets it apart from the rest.

As such, every champion contributes different things to the team.

There are also over 175 in-game items to purchase that provide special abilities and stat increases to gain an advantage over the opponents.

Another key part of the game is the map.

Every game takes place on a the same map.

It’s divided into three lanes (top, mid and bot) and CPU-controlled minions spawn in each on either side.

Between each lane is the jungle which is filled with various monsters.

These are the basics of the game to understand, but before you start on your LoL betting journey, there is far more learn.

For the purposes of the League of Legends betting guide, we won’t go into too much further detail.

That said, it’s still important to understand what makes it so popular.

Why Is League Of Legends So Popular?

There are three reasons why League is loved by so many people:

  • It’s entertaining
  • It’s competitive
  • It’s stable

Let’s explore these in more detail.

It’s Entertaining

The gameplay is very exciting, not just the play, but also to watch as a spectator.

But that’s a given – after all, if it was boring, it wouldn’t be so popular.

It’s full of action and there’s always something going on.

Check out the YouTube views and see for yourself!

There are other reasons too.

For example, it requires strong teamwork to win the game, and when it was released, it was way ahead of its time.

We could go on and on but you probably get the gist of things.

It’s Competitive

The competitive eSports scene is massive.

In fact, the League of Legends Worlds was what took eSports into the mainstream.

Competitive LoL has now expanded into franchises all over the world.

The skill level is very high and rivalries develop that add extra intensity to the already fiery dynamic.

Franchise systems are just the beginning.

There are numerous regional championships and supporting events that help young players develop their skills in preparation for the big time.

It’s Stable

League of Legends has been around for years now and it doesn;t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

The game’s developers are on the ball, making updates when they’re needed and adding fresh content to keep everyone happening. 

This stability has not only made it popular with fans, but it also makes it attractive to eSports bettors.

A stable game means that there’s potential to backtest data and create profitable theories and strategies.

Biggest League Of Legends Events


League of Legends betting is driven by the fact there is always a match to bet on.

The events on the right are an example of all the events happening on a random Friday.

The decentralized league systems ensures there’s always action available.

But, in terms of the biggest competitions, most are characterized by franchised leagues.

This means there are no promotions or relegations into different leagues.

In turn, this ensures the stability of the eSport and keeps investors happy.

Here are the biggest events in the world for League of Legends betting:

Lots of LoL games to bet on

League Of Legends World Championship

Also known as Worlds, the League of Legends World Championships are the betting events of the entire calendar.

Teams from every region all come together and play against each other for the biggest prizes.

With worldwide recognition, LoL Worlds are the biggest and most popular event for League of Legends betting.

The event takes place during the Autumn/Fall season, but the locations vary.

For example, it was held in South Korea in 2018 and then moved to several European cities in 2019.

LoL Worlds logo

Mid-Season Invitationals

The Mid-Season Invitationals, also known as MSIs, take place between the two season splits.

Like LoL Worlds, MSIs pit the world’s best players and teams against each other, but not quite in the same scope as Worlds.

That said, it’s considered by many to be the second most important League of Legends event behind the World Championships.

MSI is usually held in May and again, the hosting nation varies.

For example, the 2019 MSIs were hosted by France and Germany.

LoL MSI logo

League Championship Series

The League Championship Series (LCS) brings a league-style competition to the table.

Each annual season is divided into two splits, spring and summer, which conclude with a double-elimination tournament between the top eight teams. 

At the end of the season, the winner, runners-up and third-place team of the summer playoffs qualify for the annual League of Legends World Championship

How To Bet On League Of Legends

Here’s a simple step-by-step process to start betting on League of Legends:

  1. Find a reputable betting site that offers LoL events to bet on.
  2. Register with that betting site.
  3. Enter your personal information including your real email address – you’ll be asked to verify it to activate your betting account.
  4. Make a deposit inline with your bankroll strategy.
  5. Do your research and make data-driven betting decisions. Don’t just go for the first bet you see, go on a gut feeling or hope it comes in good.
  6. Make a profit.

Types Of League Of Legends Bets

Now let’s take a look at the major LoL bets available:

Match Winner

Match winners (moneyline bets) are the most important LoL bets to master.

They look very simple – all you’ve got to do is pick the winner – but they are deceptively difficult.

LoL match winners

There are many things you must consider in your strategies.

First up is the player matchups.

Look at who’s playing well, what the current metagame and who it favors at the time.

Then there’s the teams to analyze.

Every franchise has its own way of doing things, meaning the tactics can vary from game to game.

It’s a lot of work but if you can get it right, match winners can be a very lucrative market.

Handicap Bets

If you’d prefer to minimize your risk, then handicap LoL betting is the way to go.

Handicap bets are match winner wagers but the team you’re betting on adds a given number of wins onto their score.

They’re best suited to reduce variance and on close matchups.

LoL handicap betting

Over/Under Betting

Next is the over/under bet.

This does not involve betting on a match winner, but over or under 2.5 maps played.

For example, this could work if you’re betting on two momentum-based lineups with a lot of firepower on hand to get the job done to win the series.

However, the team that wins the first match will most likely go on to win the next.

In this scenario, you could bet that the total maps played will be under 2.5, so a 2-0 sweep will win you the bet.

Like handicap, over/under League of Legends betting helps to reduce risk.

Tournament Winner

As the name suggests, you can bet who will be victorious at the end of the tournament. 

It’s the League of Legends version of betting on futures.

However, you only get one shot of picking the eventual champion.

League Of Legends Props

These bets are more exciting than the previous bets, but as with all props, they won’t make you as much money in the long run.

Nevertheless, here are the best LoL prop bets.

Correct Score

LoL betting on correct score is a more complicated version of match winners.

Note that this bet is only relevant for major events like LoL Worlds.

LoL correct score betting

The key to winning correct score bets is figuring out how a team’s strategy.

In-game versatility, drafts and champion pools all come into play here.

Some teams will dip their toe in before going all out, while others will go all guns blazing from the get-go to build some momentum.

Make sure you’re up to date with every competing team to understand how their respective playstyles and mentalities.

Of course, LoL betting on correct scores comes with a lot of risk, but there’s the potential to make insane profits should you nail the predictions.

Player Bet

Some LoL betting sites have player-specific bets available.

These bets include who will deal out the most damage and make the most kills.

There is some strategy involved to help you win more often: 

  • Investigate player stats to see who has the highest DPM (damage per minute) and KDA (kill death assist ratio).
  • Factor in the champion pools.
  • Length of matches

First Blood

This is betting on who gets the first kill of the match.

First Blood is important for several reasons: boosting morale, generating big rewards and reducing the opponent’s experience and gold/cs.

It’s a very exciting market and usually settles within the first ten minutes of the match. 

First blood betting

In terms of placing the bet, you either pick Team A or Team B to get First Blood.

You can also pick the specific player for a bigger payout but the risks are greater.

First To Take Baron

We mentioned earlier that the map’s jungle contains monsters.

Well, the biggest, most important monster of them all is Baron Nashor.

Killing Baron gives a huge buff to the slaying team, so it’s a key part of the game.

Therefore, the premise of this bet is simple – pick which team will kill Baron first.

First Baron betting

Understanding teams’ tactics and strategies can help you predict who takes it down.

Match Duration

If you’re interested, you can even bet on how long the game will last.

Since it’s an objective-based game, it will continue until one team destroys the other’s base.

Game duration betting

Match duration bets come in two forms.

First is totals, where the  eSportsbooks set an average time duration and you bet over or under that number, as shown in the example above.

Second is via an interval-based system, such as between 20-30 minutes, 30-40 minutes, etc.

League Of Legends Betting FAQ

This is a very common question. Yes, LoL betting for real money is just as safe as betting on traditional sports. Just make sure you’ve done your research and you use a safe and respected betting site.

League of Legends is very entertaining and there is always a match to bet on. Not only will you have a great time, but you’ll also make a lot of money – the best of both worlds.

Yes, you can use cryptocurrency for LoL betting. It is a quick, secure and anonymous way to deposit and withdraw your funds, further ensuring that your sensitive data is kept private.

Most eSportsbooks are safe to use. They use enhanced security measures to protect your personal and financial information from falling into the wrong hands.

Of course, if you decide to bet with unlicensed betting platforms, then you’re running the risk of being scammed or becoming a victim of fraud. So, stay safe and find a reputable eSportsbook for League of Legends betting.

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