How Our Services Work

How We Work

The only guaranteed sports handicapping service on the market. Proven, Profitable Sports Betting – With A Unique Motive

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We combine machine learning, line movements & traditional handicapping services to provide long term reliable profits for individuals all around the globe. We guarantee profits. How can we do this?

  • We’ve built a stats based program weighing specific elements that WE deem more important than what the betting sites create their lines. For example;
    • We use big data. We even use sports psychology in our algorithms, which are constantly becoming more and more advanced each month.
    • Mixed with traditional predictive handicapping.

Read The WHY we do what we do.

Our package prices are currently $65/month & will be increasing to $115/month in the near future. We also guarantee profit with these packages, meaning if we don’t make a profit than you’ll receive the next month 100% free. If we don’t make a profit for 2 months in a row (which hasn’t happened in over 30 months) than you’ll receive 2 months free and have the fee refunded to you directly.

Where Are We Heading?

The goal is to be able to guarantee profits up to 150 units a year. This means that all you must do is place the bets and on a bankroll of only $1,000 and our recommended unit sizing of 2% (assuming you don’t get limited or withdraw any capital) you will earn 1 million dollars within 5 years. Read our detailed post about this here as I know this is an outlandish claim.

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