NHL Props – The Ultimate Guide & How To Bet Them

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Prop betting is placing a wager on anything in sports that is anything other the moneyline, point spread or game totals.

Examples of the prop bets include betting on the first goal scorer or the highest scoring half or period.

This article is going to show you the different types of NHL prop bets and how to bet them.

Here is the ultimate guide to NHL props.

Introduction To Prop Bets

Prop bets can be split into two categories: skilled or unskilled.

Unskilled prop bets are difficult to find an edge as against the sportsbooks as they are created just for entertainment purposes.

This doesn’t imply you shouldn’t make them –  just be aware.

Skilled prop bets are the exact opposite.

They require detailed knowledge about the sport, allowing you to make calculated predictions.

Sportsbooks will not split their props into different categories; it's up to you to work out if they are skilled or unskilled.

If a prediction can be made from the use of sports data and statistics, it’s likely a skilled prop bet.

The main reason why people bet props is because they allow you to make plays based on patterns and trends you have noticed for yourself.

For example, imagine that you think that Craig Anderson is going to score more than 1 goal in the next game.

Without prop bets, the only way you could bet on this would be to bet on the Senators winning and hope his performance can send them to victory.

On the other hand, with prop bets, it wouldn’t matter how the Senators do.

You can bet on if he scores more than 1.5 goals in the game. If he makes 2 or more, you win!

Prop bets allow you to bet on the exact thing you want.

For reference, the rest of this article is going to focus on skilled prop bets.

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Like to bet on props? Share the knowledge around.

Share This Article

Like to bet on props? Share the knowledge around.

NHL Prop Betting Strategy

Here are the two key NHL tips for props things to remember:

Knowledge Is Power

The more you know about the league, the more success you will have.

Watch all the matches, read all the articles and absorb as much information as you can.

Also learn how to analyse and use statistics in your favor.

Keep Up To Date With The Latest News

It’s possible for things to change last minute.

For example, the rotation of goaltender or an unexpected change in officials, which can alter how a match plays out.

Social media and sports new channels are the best ways to get the latest news fast.

The quicker you can get it, the better your chances of beating the sportsbooks for the best odds.

NHL Futures

There are multiple types of future prop bets in the NHL.

These are made before the matches are played.

If your bet wins, you usually cannot access the cash until the regular season or postseason have concluded.

Stanley Cup futures are bets on who you think will win the Stanley Cup.

The odds on a team winning will change throughout the season due to form, injuries and overall record.

If you pick the correct winner, you could land yourself a large payday.

Example of NHL futures

Conference futures work the same as Stanley Cup futures with the difference being that you bet on the winner of the Eastern and/or Western Conference.

However, while you can still make a good profit from a winning bet, the odds aren’t as generous as Stanley Cup futures as it’s one less round a team needs to navigate.

Another NHL prop bet is wagering on the winners of the Atlantic Division, Central Division, Metropolitan Division and/or Pacific Division.

There are only 7 or 8 teams per division so picking a winner becomes easier than making an NHL prop bet on the conference or Stanley Cup winner.

You can also make a prop bet on the teams that will make the playoffs.

This is a safer future bet but with worse odds, unless you wager on a team that has an outside chance of making it into playoffs and qualify at the end of the season.

In terms of overall NHL futures strategies, you will need to pay attention to the offseason, preseason and the actual season.

This is because a lot can happen before the season begins, such as player trades and draft picks that may change the entire roster.

There are also injuries, schedules and a team’s success in prior seasons to consider.

NHL Game And Player Prop Bets

These NHL props settle after the game has concluded.

These are interesting as they directly correlate to performance.

It’s easy to track statistics from previous games, such as recent form and injuries, meaning that you can make good money.

For example, there may be a prop bet offered such as the number of goals Alex Ovechkin will score in the next game, with the line at over/under 1.5.

This stat is easy to research.

Analyse the number of matches that Ovechkin has scored 2 goals or more in and take a look at the opposition.

Find a correlation between the two, such as if he’s scored 2 or more against teams with below average defenses, and make an informed decision based on that.

If the match in hand has a particularly bad defense, you should take the over.

Here are some other examples of NHL props:

Example of NHL player props

NHL Yes No Props


These NHL picks might sound simple at first glance.

But, after looking at them in further detail, they are more difficult than previously thought.

There are two scenarios for making NHL yes/no props:

  1. You have a solid understanding of the statistics needed; or
  2. Youdon’t and are looking to make quick cash.

Here’s an example:

Will the Maple Leafs @ Golden Knights enter a penalty shoot-out?

  • Yes +1200
  • No -2500

In this particular example, the lines show that the game is extremely unlikely to need a penalty shoot-out to determine the winner.


This is all everything you’ll need to know about NHL props.

Which prop are you going to bet next?

Leave a comment below or contact us on Twitter and let us know!

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