GBT Premium Review – 27th Oct 2019

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Hey All, as mentioned in last week post, we’ll be doing weekly reviews. This one was incredibly strong.

Breaking Down The Results;

  • MLB: -1.15u
  • NFL: +3.8u
  • NHL: +7.21u
  • NBA: -3.64u
  • Cricket: None.
  • NCAAF: +10.95u
  • Total for week: +17.17U (Our strongest week of 2019). October is now up 32 units as of the 27th October 2019…. With NCAAB coming in November too.

Exciting Times.

Mistakes Made This Week – Opening Up.

As you can probably imagine with a +17 unit week there wasn’t exactly many mistakes. The only 2 that are easy to identify are as follows;

1.) NBA full units – Although there were a couple of bad beats that will even out over the course of a season, putting full units on within the first few weeks is something we tend to be very conservative about.

2.) NCAAF half unit plays – These have (weirdly) been killing us. Officially analysed as 55% plays, they have been hitting under 50%

Looking Forward

This week was incredibly strong for a number of reasons. NHL is heating up nicely and NFL had a very strong week (80%) that won’t stay at 80% forever. But in the short term it’s always nice to hit those numbers.

Non official notes, here’s some value I see on futures in the future…

Analysing last week’s value-plays;

  • Lightning are still around +800 for cup.
  • Stars for the cup –> Still at +2800. This shouldn’t be this high this early in the season….
  • Vikings are down to +1800 for the superbowl now, still interesting as long as injuries hold up. Be interesting to track though.
  • Astros –> Trying to kill me but 2-2 now so hopefully they’ll get the win.

So ensuring you are using correct bankroll management over the next 6 months should ensure you see a great increase in this bankroll. As always remember to always gamble responsibly and never risk more than you can afford to lose. If you have any questions or comments or would like us to outline any additional details or thoughts in these weekly updates in the future, please let me know on Twitter. If you’d like to join premium, sign up here. Our goal is to build the best sports handicapping service in the world and also a POSITIVE, growth mindset based community – If that sounds like you then come join us on the journey.

Questions & Thoughts Welcome

Hit me up on Twitter or via the site if you have any questions.



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