GBT Premium Review – 18th Oct 2019

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Hey All, from now on we’re going to be building out these weekly (or bi-monthly) review style articles to outline thought processing, GBT business news and how we are seeing the coming weeks. This will be a 5 minute post each week you can read to see how premium members have done, let you guys know how we’re doing on new sporting research and just generally update you as a human being not hiding behind the face of a company.

This first one we’ll be analysing October to-date (not just the last week). So far in October 2019 we’ve had some big news that I want to tell you guys about, but first the results and plays so far;

Breaking Down The Results

  • MLB: -3.11 units.
  • NFL: -3.77 units.
  • NHL: +2.26 units.
  • Cricket: +1.0 unit.
  • NCAAF: +14.75 units.
  • Total: +10.03 units.

Exciting News

Our 4 best historic sports are all aligning in Q4 of 2019. In 2019 we’ve put an incredible amount of effort and resources into solving NCAAF. Leading to building theories and signals that WILL go +70 units throughout the NCAAF season. This NCAAF has now reached statistical significance with the following results;

These are all versus either the total or the spread (hence average odds of -110). The most promising part of these theories is they have aligned to the correct ratios now (as we expected/hoped).

Mistakes Made This Week – Opening Up.

In each weekly report I want to explain a few bets that were WRONG. Not based on the result of the bet as that’s just hindsight bias, but instead being honest and apologising on bets that should not have been sent. Or even bets that should have that weren’t.

The first unfortunately is the latter. Internally we were on the Houston Astros for the world series. With the bet taken before the Yankees series. Whether they go on to win or lose this should have been sent as an official play.

Second, NHL sizing. The NHL bet sizing selections have not been good (until the last 2 days). Three plays sent as halves should have been full units and 2 plays as full units should have been half units. The net result wasn’t disastrous but put roughly a minus unit dent it what should have been an even better start to the season.

Third, NFL fuckery. Primarily sizing issues again here and even 5 plays not sent which received good results. We are 1 week away from having 8 profitable theories built here. Until then NFL will be lighter with fewer plays and higher degree of confidence on each play.

Looking Forward

Looking forward, as mentioned we have our 4 most successful sports in motion at the same time; NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB & Rugby (I know Americans you will come to love this don’t worry).

Non official notes, here’s some value I see on futures in the future…

  • Lightning for Stanley Cup +800 — Will do a full video on why I will be huge on the Lightning this season (but who wants to tie up capital for 6+ months?)
  • Stars for Cup — +2800 — Do I think they will win the cup? Probably not but those lines are a joke.
  • Astros for World Series, as mentioned above.
  • NFL value plays; Vikings and/or Texans.

So ensuring you are using correct bankroll management over the next 6 months should ensure you see a great increase in this bankroll. As always remember to always gamble responsibly and never risk more than you can afford to lose. If you have any questions or comments or would like us to outline any additional details or thoughts in these weekly updates in the future, please let me know on Twitter. If you’d like to join premium, sign up here, I’d recommend before NCAAF Super Saturdays too. Our goal is to build the best sports handicapping service in the world and also a POSITIVE, growth mindset based community – If that sounds like you then come join us on the journey.


Would a whatsapp group for GBT premium be something you guys would be interested in? Let me know via the premium twitter/email if so.



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