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How To Become A Digital Nomad From Sports Betting

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The term digital nomad generally means someone who works online and can travel the world based on how they are earning money. In my other businesses, each one is specifically online and can be run from anywhere in the world. There’s a number of reasons why this is awesome and the concept is really well explained in the 4 hour work week, which if you haven’t read already. Read it.

Today I’m going to talk about how you can become a “professional” sports bettor and actually work from anywhere in the world. AKA become a digital nomad.

The principle is simple.

You’ll be earning money in USD (or GBP or EUR) but will be travelling the world, or even simply living in a lower cost of living country.

I’ve talked about this extensively and there’s a lot of principles to remember but one is the overlying important one:

QUALITY OF LIFE = Income / Expected Costs.

What this really means is you need to earn (income) in excess of your expected or perceived costs for a higher quality of life.

The thing is, if you’re living in a place like the image below, your cost of living is around $400/month. Which brings us onto the sports betting for digital nomads maths.

Chang Mai Image

Sports Betting Digital Nomad Maths

How much would you really need? To travel the world constantly and earn money to pay for your costs along the way?

Less than you think.

If you think about earning 5-8 units per month, which as a profitable, professional sports bettor should be extremely easy.

If you are a $100 unit bettor, then you have $500-800 each month. $200 unit guy then $1,000/month at least.

I’m just going to use Chang Mai for the maths as I know this place well.

CM Airbnb

£250-£450 (Per MONTH) for rent!

That includes all bills!

So let’s say you go for a $400 place.

If you’re a $200 unit guy, then you still have $600 left…

I CHALLENGE YOU to spend $600 on food and drink in CM a month. Unless you were eating in hotels and tourist areas every single night you wouldn’t spend anywhere near this amount…

The real value of sports betting and becoming a digital nomad is actually in freedom. You can get paid in Western currency. Pay in Eastern… And net the difference…

How To Get There?

So now you know it’s possible, how do you get there?

There are 2 core ways and I actually recommend both for a number of reasons. Not least, the risk factor involved.

1.) Research, Test, Back-test, Learn & Profit 

AKA the DIY approach.

The good news? – It’s yours. The theories you built, the knowledge you gain is all yours and you can profit for years to come regardless.

The bad news? – It’s very hard to do. It takes a lot of time and energy (and potentially money in some cases), to find these theories, test them, create systems and essentially mould yourself into a professional gambler. Not exactly a very easy thing to do.

2.) Follow RELIABLE Cappers

There’s a few out there.

We offer one of the few guaranteed betting services on the market, which means if you lose, you win and if you win, then of course you win. So either way, you make money… Talk about a win-win situation.

But of course there are a lot of scammers out there, so before travelling halfway around the world, ensure that who you are following is reliably profitable.

Also, you need to learn the very very important concept of bankroll management. BUT if you learn this and you follow reliable cappers… Guess what?

You can travel the world and “work” less than an hour a day in the process?

Don’t believe me?

Put in the work and see if things change…..

If you’re not willing to put in the work then, of course, you don’t get rewarded with this.

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