Choosing The Best Sportsbook For Esports

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When it comes to choosing the best sportsbook for eSports, there are certain factors you must take into account, ranging from the number of markets available to the welcome bonuses on offer.

For example, top 5 eSports bettors should ensure that their eSportsbook has plenty of lines to bet on.

Some factors aren’t as simple or obvious as this one though.

It’s these other aspects that can make the difference when choosing the best sportsbook for eSports.

Read on to find out what else to consider.


Some eSportsbooks look great at first glance; they could have a gorgeous interface that’s easy to navigate, or they may have a very enticing welcome bonus.

However, these same attractions may be covering up a rogue operation underneath.

You must go deeper than just looking at the homepage, bonuses and promotions.

Conduct in-depth research into the eSportsbook before you even think of making a deposit.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Of course, no eSports betting sportsbook will keep every single one of its customers happy.

There will always be some people that complain.

So, when it comes to choosing the best sportsbook for eSports, avoid those that repeatedly draw criticism and negative feedback.

You can be more confident in sites that payout on time, is operated by a respected parent company and provides useful customer support.

Payment Methods

Don’t put lots of time into choosing the best sportsbook for eSports before you realize you can’t actually deposit.

The cashier/banking section should be one of the first places you check out.

The eSportsbook must have at least one of the following deposit and withdrawal methods available:

eSportsbook payment methods

Other eSportsbooks will have more payment methods – these are just some standard ones to look out for.

Now, you should also note that the number of payment methods depends on whether it’s a regulated or non-regulated site.

For example, eSports bettors in the US don’t have many options apart from Visa, MasterCard and Bitcoin.

Depending on where you are, figure out what payment method you can use given your circumstance.

Bonus And Promotions Terms And Conditions

The bonus size plays a large role in choosing the best sportsbook for eSports.

This makes sense; after all, you don’t want to be taken for a ride if you’re depositing a large amount.

That said, don’t just jump straight to the eSportsbook  offering the biggest bonus.

The terms and conditions of that bonus must be considered as they determine how you can cash it out.

Here are some things to consider whenever you sign up for a bonus:

This is the amount you must wager before you can cash out your bonus.

eSportsbooks tend to only give you a week at most to claim the bonus.

eSportsbooks only give you a specific time period to meet the requirements. If you don’t, you will lose the bonus.

You can’t use the bonus to bet on heavy favorites eg -200.

Some bonuses can only be used on specified eSports.

These are the common terms and conditions, but others will vary depending on the eSportsbook you choose.

Esportsbook Terms And Conditions

These are the basic rules to consider when choosing the best sportsbook for eSports.

You’ll find everything from creating your account to all the legalities.

The small text and extremely long length of these terms and conditions can be intimidating, but they aren’t as scary as the look.

Every sportsbook, no matter if it’s an eSportsbook or not, must legally cover itself.

For example, they ensure they can’t be held liable if an individual breaks the law to make a bet.

Chances are that nothing will cause much concern, so give them a read over just so you know both your and their position.

Reduced Vig Over Bonuses

Esportsbooks that don’t offer bonuses tend to put people off going there.

But don’t instantly decide against them. 

This is because they may be offering reduced juice (vig) on their betting lines rather than bonuses.

Vig is the fee sportsbooks take for facilitating the bet.

The juice ensures that sportsbooks always profit from bets, no matter which side of the line wins.

10% is common on -110 lines.

But some eSportsbooks may offer lower vig to lure you in.

You can tell if the eSportsbook has reduced vig by looking at online reviews.

Here’s the deal:

Lower vig is better for long-term success in sports betting compared with bonuses.

It’s even more important for people that place a lot of bets.

Deposit And Withdrawal Limits

You must also consider deposit and withdrawal limits when choosing the best sportsbook for eSports.

Every eSportsbook limits how much you can deposit into or withdraw from your account.

Now, these limits may not be a problem if you’re a beginner or only betting in small amounts, but it can get annoying rather quickly if you’re making large bets.

Limits become even more important when it’s time to collect big winnings.

As a general rule, withdrawal limits depend on whether the sportsbook is a “squarebook or “sharpbook.”

Here’s a brief comparison to distinguish between them:  

Caters to casual sports bettorsAccepts casual and skilled sports bettors
Has lower deposit and withdrawal limitsHas higher deposit and withdrawal limits

Squarebooks don’t like winning players either and will limit accounts if they win too much for their liking – just something else to consider.

Withdrawal Fees

Most eSportsbooks don’t charge for deposits.

They absorb the fees to bring players in.

The same can’t be said for withdrawals though.

Some eSportsbooks ask players to cover the fees associated with withdrawals.

Fees vary based on the operator and the chosen payment method – and they will list the fees in the banking section.

For example, Western Union withdrawals have a much higher fee compared to digital wallet or cryptocurrency withdrawals.

Compare the different fees charged on your preferred payment method when choosing the best sportsbook for eSports.

Final Words

Go beyond the bright lights and fancy adverts.

Make sure you check out the banking section and betting markets over anything else.

But consider the factors mentioned above.

Only choose an eSportsbook with a good reputation and plenty of payment methods so you can use at least one.

Know the deposit and withdrawal limits and any fees charged by the eSportsbook.

You shouldn’t have to go through an intense screening process when choosing the best sportsbook for eSports.

Nevertheless, putting some effort into it will ensure you have a go-to site.

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