Bets for 24th September 2017

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Hey all,

Wanted to run through 2 bets I’m making and why today.

1.) Cricket – India ML

So this was an in-play bet when Australia (the opposition) had made 240/4. The price I got was around -120 although I’m sure you could get better.

The reasons for this bet was as follows:

  1. India are a better team currently than Australia and the -120 odds.
  2. They are on incredible form.
  3. Their strength is in batting and not bowling. Meaning if they need to chase down anything under 280 they should easily be able to achieve this 2 out of every 3 times. Translating this to odds we are looking at anything under -150 as good odds.
  4. Australia are missing some key bowlers – Namely Stark. He’s a great bowler but not playing in this game.
  5. Australia’s tail order aren’t great – As a result they aren’t going to explode in the last few overs and get up over 320/330. Meaning we won’t get a better price than -110 range.

All these reasons as a result mean this is a 1 unit play. Another day this could potentially be a two unit play but in this case I haven’t had enough time to actually analyse the situation so it’s just 1 unit today.

Update: Australia finished up with 293. Slightly more than I wanted (280 range would have been perfect) but still looking good.

2.) Ice Hockey – British Elite League – Sheffield/Belfast Over 5.5

System play based on a back-to-back system we’ve built for British ice hockey. These are 2 good teams and at -115 for the over on a back-to-back this gets 1.15 units.

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