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How Many Bets Should You Make Per DAY/WEEK/MONTH?

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This is another relatively common question I get asked so I thought I would put it into a quick article and talk about my thoughts.

Remember if you gamble for “fun” or social then just ignore this website as here we are looking at making 500% ROI per year whilst mitigating risk as close to zero as possible. We think like traders and investors, not like gamblers.

This is another post in our sports betting tips series, we are looking provide the most in-depth articles on sports betting online. Removing the technical jargon and giving you actionable information. Last week we covered the topic of how many sports should you bet in total. Here we essentially stated to be an expert in 1 or 2 sports and not to try and be a “jack of all sports.” That’s the quickest way to lose your entire bankroll. Today we are going to be looking at how many bets should you make per day, week or month. We will break it down individually.

Bets per Day

Honestly this is something I rarely track. How many bets you make per day should be generally low. BUT saying this if you see high value and probability across a wide range of bets you should still analyse each one individually and not worry about risking a high proportion of your bankroll on one day. If for example we see a 3 max bet opportunities, then you better believe we are playing all of these. Whereas if there are 10 1 unit plays we will analyse each individually and make the decision on each one. – RESULT: Do not look to hit a certain number of bets daily. Analyse each individual bet on its own.

Bets per Week

I like to track overall profit/loss weekly. If we assume you have done the above correctly then we need to look for a minimum number of bets to place. Remember you do not want to be STRUGGLING to make enough bets. If the value isn’t there then just pass, remember every time you place a bet you are losing to the spread. The best traders in the world know this. We have to think like a trader. I would recommend looking for at least 3-5 strong bets per week. These should be the ones that are 2-3 units+. If a max bet opportunity arises then of course take these. But for regular plays between 1-4 units you need to make sure you have these coming through. RESULT: At least 10 bets per week. If you go over 35-40 then ensure you are analysing each bet individually and calculating the correct probability (perceived) and hence the correct unit size of each. (I’ll do a full post on unit sizing vs probability soon.)

Bets per Month

Monthly tracking is a very important one. I like to look for 100 strong bets per month. This is a rough figure and some months we make less than 50, others is well into the 150 range but generally speaking 100 gives you a good advantage. If you believe you have a 60% edge (which is alot by the way). Then you should win 60 and lose 40, 60-40 is awesome too. Assuming you only play -110 or better odds. That means you would win 60 units and lose 44 per month. Giving you a net win of 16 units. Assuming you have a 100 unit bankroll, this means you can double your bankroll every 6 months. Not a bad ROI. RESULT: Aim for around 100 high probability plays per month.

Or just make no risk bets. But those aren’t very common!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think below.

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