Bet Calculator

Our Bet Calculator automatically calculates your Payout, making it easy to see your returns.

Simply select the Odds Format and enter the Stake and Odds.

The Bet Calculator will then automatically calculate the Payout.

Click Add Odds for Multiples.

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American Odds

American Odds display the favorite with a ‘-‘ symbol next to the odds and show you how much you must wager to win $100.

On the other hand, American Odds display the underdog with a ‘+’ symbol next to the odds and show you how much you would win from a $100 bet.

Decimal Odds

If the decimal is less than 2.0, that team is the favorite. If the decimal is greater than 2.0, that team is the favorite.

Fractional Odds

If the top number (numerator) is smaller than the bottom number (denominator), that team is the favorite.


This is how much you wager on bet.


The probability that the event occurs.

Add Odds

While the most popular bets made are Singles, you can combine different bets into a single bet. This is a Multiple.

Multiples can be doubles, trebles or any other combination of four or more. The more bets included in the Multiple, the bigger the Payout. However, every event within a Multiple must win.


Your total return from a winning bet (including the Stake).

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