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Baseball Betting Strategies

Probably the greatest sport to earn a profit through sports betting. The reason is because of the sheer amount of data available to professional sports bettors about this sport.

If you think about the number of games in a baseball season vs an NFL season for example….

We have more opportunities to refine even a 5% edge.

This means we can make more plays and earn a lot more reducing variance the more places we make. For example a 5% edge over just 20 bets could easily result in a loss. A 5% edge over 200 bets is going to be a healthy profit 99% of the time. We love stats here and everything that helps us improve our data driven softwares and as a result we make a good profit year on year.

Cracking The MLB

Honestly it took me about 3 years to crack MLB and I still haven’t cracked it as much as I have with NHL.

But by 2019 we will be able to essentially guarantee at least 50 units profit per season, backed up by any guarantees you like. This puts us in a unique situation where we can physically offer money back guarantees and everything! We’re currently the only AI based sports handicapping provider that does this. All you need to do is keep to basic sports betting bankroll management and the results will be incredible for you.


This was the toughest task we had for the exact same reason. There’s so much data! But it also means that by completion of machine learning and big data stages the potential profits could be as high as 300 units a year instead of potentially only 30-50 which is where we are currently sitting.

When it comes to Rugby and Football I pretty much managed to make 20+ units a season from day 1. BUT that’s because there is less data available, and as a result there are less variables, meaning we make less plays and hence less profit.

But because there is so much data with baseball, making the plays becomes that much more difficult and we are not quite there yet but within the next 6-12 months we will be extremely close. Remember to sign up and follow us on Twitter to be notified when we offer these. You’ll be sent some free tips until then anyway so you can make a profit on the way!

Our MLB Betting Tips do have one advantage over every single other competition… We guarantee results. If you do not make a profit in a 60 day period, you get a no questions asked refund. Heck there’s something wrong if we don’t get a profit in 60 days so I may as well kill my own business!

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