About Me & My Philosophy

Hi, my name is Tom Buckland and I’m the founder of Ghost Betting. On this site (as you probably already know) I provide both a free and premium tips service. Like most people I wasn’t always very profitable when it came to sports betting, I even made some large losses before taking it more seriously, in this about page I’m going to break down my psychology, philosophy and why I think sports betting is a great avenue for anyone interested in investing!


Why do I do this? 

The reasons are actually very simple – 1.) I like helping people make money. My background is in business consulting, I’ve helped almost 100 businesses increase revenues and actually guaranteed increases in a lot of my consulting jobs. Making money whilst helping others make more is my thing. 2.) Sports betting earnings in the UK are tax free. This means if I profit from smart plays I get to keep 100% of the profits. In the US these laws are different so I would check with your country before starting professionally. Of course earnings from GBT are taxable but that’s the cost of business!

2013-2015 – Losses

In 2013-2015 I made a lot of losses. I mean when you relate this to total income it was a huge percentage, but there was always something about the process, about putting money on the line in the quest for more that I loved. It’s the most simple of business models and a lot quicker than your old school investing methods. I mean I’m writing this at the same time as doing a £1k to £10k challenge in 6 months! That equals 2000% ROI in 1 year… (We actually finished around £4,000 in 6 months which isn’t too bad.) Relate that to the 10% that is expected by the best investors and its not really a decision, sports betting was the way to go. But the thing was I just wasn’t very good at the 3 key principles…

Learning the Principles & Forex Trading

When I slowed down in mid 2015 and started to put some real thought into this I realised I had no patience, I had no bankroll management I just input a few hundred £££ and tried to win some money. There was no aim, no long term goal and nothing that really made sense from a smart investing principles point of view. Then I started getting into Forex trading. Forex trading if you don’t know already is trading one currency against another to try and make a profit. It’s so freckin interesting! Although most people don’t think so…. But it taught me 2 of my principles: 1.) Bankroll management and 2.) Pattern Recognition.

Bankroll management – If you’re a sports bettor and have been losing money over the months/years then this is probably the underlying reason. Bankroll management helps you either loss less or win more. It’s the defining factor in successful sports bettors and something that I personally think is the single most important element to being profitable long term, more info here.

Pattern Recognition – Sport is unpredictable right? There’s no patterns? There’s no theories that have gone 330-209 in the past 3 years? All at odds between EVS and -120? Well if you couldn’t tell I was being sarcastic. The problem? These patterns are incredibly difficult to spot, unless you have a masters in stats it can be almost impossible to find. But if you do have a theory, and you back-test it to be profitable for the past few seasons…. Then your on the right route. But more on this later.

The final principle in sports betting is: Knowing who to trust – If you landed on this site its probably because you want to earn some more dollar through sports betting, you’ve probably tried tip-services in the past that have lost you money…. Strange… When I first became a profitable sports bettor I ONLY followed tips I trusted. This mixed with professional bankroll management made me approximately 50 units in my first 6 months. I mean its not 1000% ROI but it’s cold, hard profit. Which brings me nicely onto my next point.

Why I Don’t Add Affiliate Links

Have you noticed there are no affiliate links, adverts or banners on this website? That’s not an accident. The reasoning is simple, if I needed the income from affiliate links would I really be confident in my picks? I’m not saying people that add affiliate links aren’t trusted, but in my honest opinion if you are claiming you make $10,000+ a month from sports betting but plaster your website with links to try and make an extra few $$$ a month. That doesn’t make sense, and from experience in this industry, stuff that doesn’t make sense usually doesn’t make money!

A Few Random Points

I didn’t know where to add these into this about page, its more of a housekeeping thing but really wanted to get these points off my chest:

  • Tipsters who make 100s of trades a week – This is utter BS. If you think you can be a profitable bettor making over 100 trades a week, that is crazy. Now do I know a system that works for this – Yes, but its based on an algorithm and I don’t like that. It also leads to your accounts being banned very quickly by your bookie. Keep your bet volume low. How many bets should you make a week?
  • Tipsters who make 5u+ Plays – Oh this one really annoys me for 1 key reason – This is usually done with imaginary money. For example if you are having a negative few weeks but want to have a profitable month you can start to increase your units on each play, EVEN THOUGH there is no data to support the increase. For example if I were 8 units down with 5 days to go in the month, but I didn’t want to have a negative month in my data or with my clients as then they get their money back I might say something like 4x5u plays tonight! If we go 3-1 on that 1 specific day then suddenly I’m +1-2u for the month. This is just a terrible long term strategy and anyone who does this needs to be avoided!
  • Starting bankroll – Don’t start with anything under $1,000. I know that sounds high to most people but if you are going to take sports betting seriously then you need at least $1000. If you follow the % Bankroll per bet, you will be thanking me for this in 12 months time. If you use units you can get away with less start-up capital but it is more risky than % BR trading. More on starting bankroll.

Hustle Once, Profit Forever.

Another part of philosophy is to hustle once, or put the work in all at once but profit multiple times in the future. For example if it took you 1,000 hours to create a theory that profited 20 units a year for the rest of your life, would you do this? You should want to. Do this 10 times over the course of a few years (or even outsource some of the research to scale the process) and suddenly you have a very secure 200 unit profit per year. This is what I am personally working towards. (We are very close as of September 2017.) Most people think its not possible, but if you’ve put in even 100 hours into trend analysis or pattern recognition you will know that it is not only possible but also likely.

The Insider Trading of Sports Betting

Alongside our hustle once mentality we have the insider-trading of sports betting. Insider trading on the financial markets is illegal, straight up you will go to jail. But in sports betting its just assumed that either a.) Everyone knows about a certain piece of information and hence its a level playing field or b.) There is no piece of information that will give you a consistent edge on a market. Both are utterly ridiculous but again people just take it as it is. Remember earlier when I said if you had a master in stats? Well I know 3 people who do and are professional sports bettors! Get as much information as quickly as possible!

Sports betting is not risky when done correctly.

Once Ghost Betting is fully set-up I’ll be creating our services.

Thanks for reading, Tom.