What Does 1X2 Betting Mean?

1x2 betting

This is a short post that will explain the concepts of 1X2 betting. If you are new or inexperienced with sports betting, you may have seen 1X2 and wondered what it meant.

1X2 sports betting involves betting on the result of a match that has three possible outcomes:

  • 1 = Home win;
  • X = Tie;
  • 2 = Away win.

The tie event means that 1X2 betting is not usually done on matches that enter overtime, such as soccer.

However, you can still utilise 1X2 odds on most sports, including ice hockey – it’s just not as common as Money Line betting.

It may also be referred to as Full Time Result betting.

How Does 1X2 Betting Work?

If the intro was still confusing, here is an example of it in action.

Here is a screenshot of the upcoming Premier League soccer matches:


Let’s focus on Chelsea v Man Utd

In the Full Time Result market:

  • Chelsea is represented by the 1 as they are the home team;
  • Man Utd is represented by the 2 as they are the away team;
  • X is a tie.

Chelsea is considered the favourite to win the match at -145, meaning a stake of $145 will return $100 if they win.

By contrast, Man Utd is considered the underdog at +425, meaning a stake of $100 will return $425 if they win.

A draw will return $275 from a $100 stake if the match is level at full time.

Double Chance

1X2 sports betting also combines two of the three outcomes; this is called a double chance bet.

In this market, you bet on either:

  • 1X – Home team win or tie;
  • X2 – Tie or away win;
  • 12 – Home or away win.

By combining two outcomes into a single bet, the probability of winning increases. However, bookmakers take this into account and will shorten the odds.

Here are the Chelsea v Man Utd odds:

double chance

Betting on 1X ie Chelsea to win or tie means a stake of $550 would return $100.

Betting on X2 ie Tie or Man Utd to win means a stake of $350 would return $100.

A 12 ie win for either side will return $130 from a $100 stake.

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