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About Ghost Betting

Professional Sports betting and handicapping services

Ghost Betting is an established sports handicapping agency and sports investing network. We’ve built a handicapping service that individuals all over the world can use and profit in the process. We have a unique motive and want to become the most successful sports investing company of all time.

Ghost Betting is a number of sports betting and investing experts that have come together to build a profitable sports betting service for individuals looking to make money through smart, data driven sports investing and betting. Whether you have $500 or $5 Million to invest we’ve worked with some large investors as well as small individuals and helped everyone make a profit along the way.

Our yearly ROI is second to none in the industry, boasting 100% ROI per year for the past 3 years using smart, reliable bankroll management techniques. Our services also come guaranteed, you can read more about this on our picks page.

Who's This For?

We have 2 specific types of customers:

The first is the individual looking to earn additional money alongside a current stream of income, such as a job or freelancing. As their unit sizing increases, they have the potential to become a full time sports investor. We’ve supported customers who have gone on to become digital nomads, and now travel the world whilst profiting through our plays. It’s a great feeling to help people earn an extra $1,000-$5,000 a month.

The second is the professional sports bettor that uses higher unit values, usually around the $10,000+ mark per play. They are long term professionals and earning 100% ROI per year, which can potentially be 7 figures for larger cappers.

Our process and picks don’t change based on your unit size. As long as you use correct bankroll management for all your plays, you will make a healthy profit and continue to grow your account.

How It Works

1. Sign up to our Handicapping Service

2. Invest on the matches we suggest

3. Make over 100% ROI a year

Join The Movement

We use an statistical algorithm that guarantees profit but built with a bigger cause in mind. Visit our picks page to join the system that has revolutionised sports investing.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch & remember to read the story & the motive behind our company.

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