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What Is Ghost Betting & Sports Investing?

Ghost Betting is an established sports handicapping agency and sports investing network. We’ve built a handicapping service that individuals all over the world can use and profit in the process. We have a unique motive and want to become the most successful sports investing company of all time.

Ghost Betting is a number of sports betting and investing experts that have come together to build a profitable sports betting service for individuals looking to make money through smart, data driven sports investing and betting. Whether you have $500 or $5 Million to invest we’ve worked with some large investors as well as small individuals and helped everyone make a profit along the way.


Professional Sports Betting & Handicapping Services

Our yearly ROI is second to none in the industry, boasting 100% ROI per year for the past 3 years using smart bankroll management techniques.



Sports betting is my primary investment and wealth driver. Getting 200% a year when stocks or real estate give you 6-12% in a good year is a no-brainer. Originally I only started with 5% of our portfolio in this alternative asset class, but with the guidance and simplicity of the GBT model we now have over 40% of our entire portfolio in-play in our sports betting bankroll. With this likely increasing to 55% by the end of 2020. I advise everyone to gamble responsibly but I highly recommend putting a small percentage, initially, of your portfolio into sports betting, and if you don't have any idea on sports betting itself, follow a service like Ghost Betting and their bankroll management to give you an edge. Once you see the growth, like is, you'll likely increase the percentage.
Constantinos Santis
Sports Investor


Who This Is For

New Sports Investors.

We are perfect for individuals looking to earn additional money alongside a current stream of income, such as a job or freelancing. As their unit sizing increases, they have the potential to become a full time sports investor.

We’ve helped people become digital nomads, and now travel the world whilst profiting through our plays. It’s a great feeling to help people earn an extra $1,000-$5,000 a month.

Professional Investors.

Professional sports bettors that uses higher unit values, usually around the $10,000+ mark per play benefit massively. They are long term professionals and earning 100% ROI per year, which can potentially be 7 figures for larger cappers.

Our process and picks don’t change based on your unit size. As long as you use correct bankroll management for all your plays, you will make a healthy profit and continue to grow your account.

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